Motor Oil Bottle Design

Motor Oil Bottle Design - ENOC Lubricants, Dubai

ENOC Lubricants Dubai

ENOC Lubricants offer world class quality, priced just below traditional international brands leaders.  Excellent product formulations and beautiful motor oil bottle design support the brand proposition in driving the business forward.

Investing in Design

Government founded in 1996, the ENOC lubricants range was launched in stock bottles. Early success encouraged investment with packaging design prioritised to give the brand a stronger, more distinguished identity & styling that reflected the leading edge technology in the products.

Landor Associates Dubai invited Curve to work on motor oil bottle design alongside their team focused on label designs & branding.

The Design Process

Bottle design was key. Purposeful motor sports inspired styling coupled with great balance & grip meant our bottles, researched unbranded, rated best in market across all leading international brands.

As always we started developing design concepts as pencil sketches based on themes or hooks such as trends in car styling, motor sport, local architecture, regional landmarks, history & geography, the industry itself & marks of strength & performance.

ENOC bottle design, early concept sketches
early concept sketches
ENOC bottle design CAD development
design development
ENOC bottle CAD data & hard copy specifications
CAD data & specifications

Parallel to that we absorb & process the technicalities of bottle making best practice, mould making & filling line & labelling capabilities. We survey oil changing stations & end user requirements noting the specific performance features of a great motor oil bottle design.

We also run dimensional analysis to determine perfect footprints for maximum distribution efficiency.

Selected designs are taken through CAD development where all the above factors merge & serious, technically sounds designs evolve.

CAD data outputs to model making and subsequently mould making specifications.

Consumer Confidence

The extreme desert heat of Dubai & the Middle East means high performance cars require super high performance lubricants. Our bottle designs reflect the leading edge technology in ENOC’s products giving consumers the confidence to save money while trusting the brand will safely deliver on quality.

Dubai & the Middle East need high performance motor oils

Lead markets: the Middle East, India & Pakistan.

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