Packaging Design & Brand Identity

Packaging design & brand identity for brands people love.
Production feasibility, cost, distribution efficiency, materials & environmental values key factors in concept development.

branding & packaging design

We all love great brands & the development that keeps them relevant & competitive..

Even more exciting are new brands & products that enter the market with clear purpose & unique identities that work with consumers.

Life's perpetual evolution is shaped by culture, technology, art, science & our hunger for the new. Let's shape the future!

brand story

Brands are built on belief, trust & reputation.

The design process builds the brand story in an engaging & meaningful way.

Building the future, respecting the past, evolving, creating & staying connected. Great designs have rationale, reason & vision.

physical, structural design

Specialists is physical structural design.

Not just the aesthetic sculpturing of beautiful form & user practicality but the beauty of efficiency.

Glass & plastic blow moulding, injection moulding, thermoforming & carton & box design.

production efficiency, materials optimisation

As structural design specialists familiar with all packaging production processes & filling line technologies we build efficiency into every development brief.

Minimising waste & inefficiency is about asking the right questions of all technical operations from the outset.

Millimeters can make massive differences to overall cost & efficiency.

environmental values & sustainability

We care about the environment, brand reputation & value perception.

As independent design consultants we make only the most appropriate material recommendations.

Acute understanding of materials & processes means we can increase efficiency through light-weighting, improved machine utilisation & waste reduction. A win win for clients & the planet.

Concept generation to finished product implementation.

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