Bapco Lubricants label designs with product range differentiating colour scheme.

Bapco Lubricants Brand ID & Label Design

Bapco created their new Lubricants Business Unit to developed a full range of finished blended lubricants & accessory products for consumer & commercial vehicles, including motor sports and marine engines.

Industrial Origins

the original Bapco corporate identity logo

In 1931 Bahrain became the first country in the Middle East to discover oil. By 1934, it was shipping oil & natural gas throughout the world, business to business. The only consumer connection was branding seen on tankers and refineries.

The original logo reflects Bapco’s traditional industrial business.

New Consumer Division

The Flag of Bahrain
Bahrain flag
the new Bapco Lubricants division corporate identity by Curve Design Ltd

Building on the original oil droplet & gas flame concept, the new Bapco Lubricants identity adds clarity with hints of Bahrain provenance taken from the red points in the national flag. Custom typography gives a clear, crisp & modern look to Bapco’s consumer orientated lubricants division.

Brand Awareness

the Bapco Lubricants identity applied to trucks and work overalls

Strong, clear, distinctive branding on tankers, lorries, service stations & merchandising build brand awareness across the Middle East, India, Pakistan & Africa.

Branding & Graphic Structure

Bapco Lubricants packaging design - 5, 4 & 1 litre bottles

As a new brand with such a large range of products the graphic system was designed for clarity. Brand level consistency creates impact while strong colour coding differentiates across sub brand ranges & the 30 different engine & gearbox product formulations.  Consumers can scan through detailed specifications with ease & quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Colour Coding

colour coding system for differentiating product application & performance

A colouring structure created to differentiate products in the range on two levels: application & performance.

Application refers to engine type e.g. petrol or diesel & where used eg. engine or gearbox.
Performance specifies the quality level broken down by base oil & additive technology.

Launch & Promotional Material

product data sheets and promotional materials

Collateral launch brochures and sales materials.

Curve produced initial materials with design guidelines supplied in a detailed brand manual. Local operators across the sales territories have clear instructions on how to work to agreed brand standards & ensure consistency.


Bapco Lubricants merchandising & forecourt display

Merchandising & forecourt visuals created during brand identity & packaging design development.

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