Beer Bottle Design for Outdoor Events

Spendrups Original – Sweden

Spendrups beer bottle designed for outdoor events where people drink from the bottle


Sweden had banned glass and metals from packaging used at outdoor events such as concerts & sports meetings. For brewers the issue was plastic bottles didn’t meet their oxygen barrier & shelf life requirements.

Spendrups quickly spotted an opportunity when Tetra-Pak developed it’s high barrier “glaskin” technology. By coating PET with a silicon oxide based barrier layer plastics were back in the game.

The Question Within The Brief

Should a PET beer bottle design for outdoor events simply mirror glass bottle designs?

Two Key Factors That Influenced Our Design:

Hand Held

Our bottle was targeting outdoor events where people would mostly stand & hold the bottle.  Hand feel & grip would be important.

Branding & Main Label Visibility

People would hold the body of the bottle. Traditional beer bottles have the main branded label on the body with a smaller neck label. When holding the bottle consumers cover up the brand’s identity.

Branded labels are always on show above the hand holding area.


Move the main branded label to the neck where it would never be hidden & create a recessed & embossed body panel that not only looked great but also provided great hand feel & grip.

Our pack was designed for drinkers on the move, standing & mingling in bars, at parties & social events.

A Copied Format

This design innovation was subsequently copied by many high profile brands for glass bottles as drinking from the bottle became a standard thing in bars everywhere. Not just a beer bottle design for outdoor events, the format suited all social events.

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