pencils to the most sophisticated CAD systems

Design Tools

Pencil to CAD > Loose Then Tight

The freshness and spontaneity of hand drawn sketches like this marker visual can be perfect for initial concept development. Especially true for structural design projects where practical consequences can vary so much between concepts.

The key question is what an idea offers in terms of user benefit & brand value versus capex & ongoing production cost.

ideas developed as sketches before real design detailing

Too much detail too early is a distraction best avoided when time would be better spent exploring conceptual ground.

Costing & Feasibility Analysis

Curve Design evaluate the production & cost implications of design concepts, adding perspective to the screening process.  It’s very satisfying when existing plant can be better utilised in more innovative or cost effective ways.

Once a concept route is agreed, designs are developed in detail and analysed in full. It’s like switching from analogue to digital.

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