Product Design – Snack Dispensing System

Saharas “Hot Nuts” – Flexfoods, Denmark

hot nuts snack dispensing system design


Flexfoods produce a unique crispy coated & lightly spiced peanut snack available in pubs and clubs & dispensed hot from a bar top dispenser.

The original dispensing system was dark & often went unnoticed even when positioned in a busy part of the bar. It had a flat wooden top that would be used by customers as a shelf for their drinks. The inevitable spills would leave sticky mess.

The Brief

ReBranding Hot Nuts & Redesigning the Dispenser

Lewis Moberly was asked to rebrand Hot Nuts as they were called. They invited Curve to redesign of the actual dispensing system.

Lifting visual impact was a key priority together with easier operation for bar staff and somehow preventing customers from using it as a drinks stand.

While the re-branding process was underway we started developing concepts for the new dispenser. We were looking for striking designs that would attract attention. Curved top surfaces that couldn’t be used as drinks shelves & accessible positioning of the product cups.

hot nut snack dispensing system design concepts
example concepts before a new name was agreed

Saharas “They’re Nuts”

Once the name Saharas had been agreed, the Saharas snack dispensing system was designed to tie in, creating a cohesive brand concept.

Visual impact was lifted with stronger internal lighting which also improved the appetite appeal of the product on display. Branding was backlit to ensure it was noticed. A new internal UV barrier screen preserved shelf life. Serving cups nested on top of the machine added convenience for bar staff and speeded up service. Finally, there was no way customers could balance their drinks on top of a pyramid.

Once the new Saharas snack dispensing system was launched sales jumped 15-20%.

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