Bottle Design – Super Premium Cognac


Hennessy Lumiere Decanter Design - a super premium bottle designed to levitate & capture light, inspired the grapes of Cognac & designed for the age of new light in Japan.
super premium bottle design

Hennessy Lumière was designed as a super premium special to celebrate the age of new light in Japan which also coincided with the Millennium.

Inspiration & Experience

The price point and hyper-deluxe nature of the product pointed to hand blown Baccarat crystal decanters. Having plenty of experience in super premium bottle design & hand blown glass bottles, decanters & stoppers gave us freedom to explore the fine art of glass making. Do things not remotely possible in mass production.

That led us to revisit the design inspiration behind the infamous Hennessy XO bottle, a bunch of grapes. This time we could hang the bunch the right way up & support the bottle in it’s own specially designed stand.

Perfect Fit for the Product Concept

Floating in mid-air, the Lumière bottle catches light from all sides as it levitates majestically. Glinting like a jewel it exudes quality, preciousness & splendor.

The inverted XO profile not only fits the Hennessy brand, the design works perfectly for the age of new light.

Hennessy Lumiere decanter alongside the Hennessy range
building on Hennessy’s distinctive house style

Lumière could only belong to Hennessy with design equities so strong they work upside down!

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